One Month



31 days to go before D-Day. One short month left.

Since my last packing update, I have taken out:

  1. An extra set of oil pastels (opting to go forth with just one good set–the horror!)
  2. A heavy bunch of canvas boards (only 300-gsm max for me!)
  3. My giant stapler and its corresponding giant box of staple wires (I realised that I might not really have that much to staple anyway)
  4. The “good” acrylics (which unfortunately come in giant tubes that weigh a ton)
  5. Three pairs of sandals (since it will be cold for the majority of my time there)
  6. A light-coloured coat (don’t need to deal with dry cleaning or all that fussiness)
  7. A laundry board (hello raw knuckles)
  8. Five scarves of varying cosiness

And in their stead, I have been able to pack in:

  1. Five sweaters (the first tops to finally make the cut)
  2. A travel cooler (a collapsible one that I found in S&R some time ago–I was thinking, a portable pantry for my room? I’m not much of a sharer–this item is still under debate.)
  3. Shower shoes (Because.)
  4. Tank tops
  5. Thermal-wear
  6. Post-its (Because.)

This is how I pre-pack. I like drawing everything out and visualising what I have so far. Strangeness, yes.

So yeah. Not that much progress. And my sister argues that some of the things I’ve decided to bring are pretty strange and might not be worth sacrificing clothing real estate for. My wardrobe at this point is almost entirely monochromatic (I am almost always in some sort of black attire), so I suppose that helps in eliminating clothing choices (colours are the first to go. haha.)

I’m running out of things to toss though, and I have yet to put in tops, bottoms and dresses. Basically, everything that isn’t outerwear. If my indecision and priorities are unswayed in the next few weeks, it looks like I’m going to be sporting the same three dresses with different sweaters and coats, or something. Worst case, there’s always an H&M around the corner, I suppose 😐 CRY.


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