Street Art Snaps: Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona, Spain. April 2014.

I must say, Barcelona didn’t sweep me away or amaze me as much as I thought it would, given all the hype and feedback I’ve heard from those who’ve been. I wasn’t prejudiced or anything, but I guess I found that I had to struggle very hard to find things to be positive about, and even then I was more than a little underwhelmed.


Old school street art? A mosaic by Joan Miró in the middle of La Rambla.

I suppose it had to happen sometime. In all the years and among all the different cities in Europe that I’ve had the opportunity to visit, this was the first that left me disappointed (and not the last one to do so in Spain). And I’m not talking about a pool of cities that include only bigwigs like Paris, Rome, Amsterdam or Berlin. But even smaller, less hyped-about and lesser-known places like Weimar, Donovaly, Poznań or Flåm.



I wanted so much for the city to change my mind, having spent close to a week there, but alas, maybe I need a few more tries with the capital of Catalonia before it can hope to warm my heart.


An example of impact created from the collection of random graffiti. Individually, the letters and tags don’t have the same effect/result.


Brands using street art style advertising to blend in?


In the meantime, I have my usual collection of street art shots.


getting political


Graffiti on the steel rollup of one of my favourite food chains


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