T minus 3 weeks



There is that moment before you leave home when it hits you that sh*t just got real. It’s nothing like the subtle, nostalgic or emotional cues I’ve been getting over the last few weeks; this one was like a comical anvil to the face–primarily because it came in the form of payments.

Meaning, I actually plugged in my CVV codes to pay for stuff for real and not just for safety booking purposes. I finalised my flights, train tickets, apartment… Before this, everything was tentative–reservations and bookings without the actual payment part yet. Paying makes it all final and legit, like I really can’t back out now, even if I wanted to (which I don’t).

I can’t help but feel a wave of near-panic creeping towards me as I get closer to D-Day. My original flight became full so I had to book a ticket for a day earlier (which isn’t that big a deal, but doesn’t help with the panic wave). My student visa has yet to be released, so that’s another panic bomb. I still have to get my license renewed before I go, have another medical check-up, get myself another portable hard drive, and bring my stuff to the dry cleaners. Somewhere in the midst of all that chaos, I have to find time to meet up and say hi/bye to people.

Cloning or astral projection sound like good ideas right now.


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