Buongiorno, Firenze!

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After more than thirty hours of travel (planes, trains, and transit), Florence sure delivers a great payoff. Like Rome and Venice, Florence is like a city-museum. Immediately after I stepped out of the train station, I was already greeted with monuments and beautiful Tuscan architecture and those cute umbrella trees like in the above photo.


I have been to Florence twice before, but always for too short a time and always just in the Centro Storico area. I can’t tell you how freakin’ excited I am to be able to live here for a year or two; to be able to walk in the footsteps of the Medicis and all the Renaissance greats (Da Vinci, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Rafael, Caravaggio–to name a few! Oh, and Machiavelli too.) I may have also been extra-pumped-up from watching Da Vinci’s Demons before coming here. It’s fictional and at times ludicrous, but fun to watch all the same. Haha.


My first few days will be mostly about getting paperwork done, looking for supermarkets and banks and whatnot (online research is oddly insufficient). I Google-mapped some supermarkets near my hotel, but upon visiting them, found them closed for the day (and it was barely 5pm!) That’s European operating hours for you.

IMG_9443 IMG_9462 IMG_9478

On another note, my meals while on the road (and in between flights/train rides) were strangely alike. I must have had at least four or five coffees all throughout. Wonder if it’ll help with the jetlag.


2 thoughts on “Buongiorno, Firenze!

  1. Try going back to the stores in the evening. I know many of the supermarkets in Spain would close for a siesta in the afternoon, though it always seemed to last longer than I thought that it ought.


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