Architecture in: Madrid, Spain

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Madrid, Spain. April 2014.

There’s a lot about the architecture in Madrid that reminds me of other cities–Berlin for the wild, modern buildings; sometimes Paris for the ones that have baroque elements. I didn’t love Madrid, or Spain, I’m sad to say, but there were still things that caught my eye. I can’t quite put a finger on why I didn’t like Spain as much as I thought I might, but partly I think it is because so much of it–its architecture, its features–is borrowed from countries I love more, particularly Italy and France. Funnily enough, a lot of the surviving points of interests are Roman, so that’s saying something. But I guess that because of such ‘borrowed’ elements, I couldn’t quite find a semblance of Spanish ‘identity’ as much as I could with Paris or Florence or Rome, or a whole host of other cities, really. I left Spain without having a clear ‘brand’ of it, other than perhaps its strength in language.



But anyway, a lot of what I took photos of–aside from street art and found objects and monuments–have piled up into a sizeable chunk I guess I now share in these ‘segments’ called “Architecture In”, which is inspired by the band name Architecture in Helsinki–a city which I also hope to visit soon. Filtering through photos and figuring out constant unplanned themes is a pretty time-consuming task, but I’m always surprised at what I find myself constantly taking photos of, and those, I guess, have materialised into my so-called ‘segments’.









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