Food: Il Latini, Florence, Italy

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Il Latini. Florence, Italy. August 2014.

Tried to come up with a cleverer title for posts that would be about food, but I figure, why complicate things? Food–it’s all encompassing, pretty much. For my first food post I wanted to feature Il Latini, a steak place in Florence frequented by tourists as well as locals. They’re known for being a good place to get bistecca fiorentina, but they don’t serve just steak; they’ve got pasta and soup and all the rest of it, too.


It’s been here for ages, as evidenced by the state of their menu.


We got this penne with ragù sauce to go with the steak, but it came as more of an antipasti, not served together with the steak. Nothing too fancy, but rustic and delicious.


And here is le steak. You order it by the kilo, which is typically how it goes in Florentine steak places (every one we’ve tried, at least)–and for us three girls, they served us this 1.4kg hunk o’ meat to split amongst us. It might not look that big in the picture but this plate took up like a third of our four-seater table.


Florentine steak in general is a tad too rare for me–I much prefer my steak medium–but I think that’s really how it’s cooked, and in this case I guess I don’t really mind it that much. The good thing about Il Latini’s steak is that even though it was cooked on the rare side, it wasn’t wet and bloody like rarer steaks usually are, and there was no oozing red meat juice when you cut into it. The crust on the steak was also really really good. I even cut off pieces of the crust to leave for last.


We were too full to order proper dessert but they did give us some biscotti and some sort of liqueur to end the meal with.

Oh, and P.S. Florentine steak will set you back about 40-60 euro per kilogram, depending on the restaurant and what their minimum cut-of-meat is. Unless you are a mythical giant, I don’t think an average person can finish one alone.


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