Architecture in: Salamanca, Spain

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Salamanca, Spain. April 2014.

A university town populated by truckloads of students–that is my takeaway from Salamanca. It has its merits, too, but like every other Spanish city I was able to visit on this trip, I left with more disappointment than anything else 😐


The most photogenic bits are of the plaza mayor, which is similar in look and style to the other cities’ plaza mayors. If you changed out the windows and flags, it would basically be a French copy, I think.


As you can see, pretty much every student has come to hang out here. I wonder what they do other than sit around. It’s pretty amusing to see how they naturally break off into multiple clique-stereotypes. I definitely saw some 1-D wannabes in there.






Best-looking at sunset, when the stones are illuminated.


And watch where you step, because there are people sitting on the floor everywhere.


2 thoughts on “Architecture in: Salamanca, Spain

  1. I have visited spain for a month and now i m looking for the email account ( adress ) of the municipality of Salamanca and any tour office in this city
    can u pls help me find it?
    thnx a lot


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