Getting Back into a Sketch-ink Groove.


With some of my scholarship-related illustration deadlines looming near, I’ve been trying to get back into the drawing groove so I can work on my requirements. I’m not one of those artists who can just keep churning things out like a vending machine. Creativity and crap are a constant cycle (alliteration not intended), and sometimes you end up with a bin full of crumpled paper before anything remotely good or passable happens.

I don’t know if everyone goes through that, but in my case it really is a combination of mood, mindset and the right type of juices flowing. Otherwise I just don’t have the heart to bother continuing, and I paper-toss the crumpled crap right into the wastebasket. #drawingdilemmas


One thought on “Getting Back into a Sketch-ink Groove.

  1. Yes! You definitely have to be inspired and in the right mood and moment, otherwise it will be ” a waste of time”. Like you said a crapful of papers in the bin.Don’t be pressured. Relax and think of what makes you tick and it will come. Have faith in yourself. Be confident! You will achieve your dreams and passion!!!’


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