Architecture in: Odense, Denmark

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Odense, Denmark. May 2013.

Stopped in Odense (also Hans Christian Andersen’s hometown, and Denmark’s third largest city) for a bit and was able to roam around the town center where there was some sort of food fair going on. Strangely enough, no Danish food booth, so we ended up getting German food instead.




Street Art Snaps: Legnano, Italy

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Legnano, Milan, Italy. August 2014.

If there’s one takeaway from my afternoon in Legnano, it’s that Lola’s other half loves her very much and has ten cans of spraypaint in tow whenever going to the train station.



Also, I don’t know why these proclamations of love and foreverness are happening at the train station. Curious.

Signs: Lourdes, France

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Lourdes, France. April 2012.

It was a rainy, freezing visit to Lourdes. I’m not an overly-religious person myself, but it was still interesting and moving to have been able to participate in a lot of the beautiful experiences that the town had in store for pilgrims. The bath and the night procession were pilgrim-perfect highlights, but the side trip to Chateau Fort and the insanely delicious crepes were just the stuff that satiated the traveling bug in me. Also, these signs.



These crosses are all in a small garden in the middle of Rosary Hill, in front of the church. Even if you’re not religious, it’s definitely worth going around to admire and peruse the designs and messages of these crosses from all over the world.




Peoplewatching: Siena, Italy

europe, italy, peoplewatching, siena


Siena, Italy. September 2014.

Looked out the window of the bus and saw these busitalia chaps chillin’, waiting for their respective buses to depart, all smiles and (seemingly) without a care in the world. And on my way back to the bus stop, I passed by this previously-empty piazza which was now taken over by (what I assume to be) volunteer firefighters playing some sort of team-building game involving chairs,  balloons and music blaring like it was midnight instead of four in the afternoon. Put them indoors, add a hose and a pole and this could easily have been a very different party :)) Just saying.