Architecture in: Ávila, Spain

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Ávila, Spain. April 2014.

Stopped in Ávila for a few hours for a mug of hot chocolate and to kill time while waiting for our hotel to be ready. Walked around until we reached the Plaza Mayor, but nothing much was open–either because it was siesta time or because this is actually an abandoned ghost town. You decide which is more plausible.

IMG_8854  IMG_8894

I would say that Spanish architecture is not always very decisive–there’s always a hint too much of French or Italian or some other European aspect; but not exactly Spanish. I’m still trying to figure out what Spanish architecture really is.





Plaza Mayor–basically the same as every other Plaza Mayor. Think they all got a builder’s manual or something? Clock. Towers. Windows. Arches. Flags.



I would call this “tourist row”–looks cute and quaint in the photos but strangely, almost all of these restaurants are “manufactured” non-Spanish food, like Spanish-named Irish pubs or Spanish-ified Bavarian bars. Did not feel authentic 😐


Remnants of the city’s medieval walls, which are still pretty much intact.


And once again, I left this city feeling much the same way as I did with every other Spanish city–underwhelmed, disappointed, and without a clear grasp of the Spanish [design] identity. Maybe that’s just me.



2 thoughts on “Architecture in: Ávila, Spain

    1. @thenomadicpanda yes, i do feel like moorish would be the closest descriptor! Haha although there are more moorish ones than Spanish moorish–I don’t know if that makes sense. It’s still not uniquely Spanish 🙂

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