Food: Il Fiesolano – Florence, Italy

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Fiesole, Firenze, Italy. August 2014.

A cozy little gem right by the main square of Fiesole (Piazza Mino), with a good variety of dishes and an abundance of retro-quirkiness (I’m loving the almost-vintage hand-lettering on the menu), and most importantly the food tastes good, so there’s that. It’s known for its Florentine steak as well (which a lot of people regard as the best in Florence) but we were a little bit steak-ed out at this point, having just had steak the day before, and the day before that–so we decided to just try a bunch of their specials instead.





A traditional ravioli with just spinach and sage butter sauce


Porchetta al Forno con Patatone–looks kind of gross but is really surprisingly delicious. Those icky-looking black bits are the best part.


Risottino all’Osso Bucco. Doesn’t look like much either (their plating in general is more rustic than fancy, which lends to the authenticity, I think), but is also really good. The thing in the middle is the bone with the pot o’ gold (the marrow). Nom/Yum.

Il Fiesolano is located at Piazza Mino 9r, Fiesole, Florence, Italy


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