Found Objects: Florence, Italy – Part One

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Florence, Italy. August – September 2014.

I’m splitting all my posts on Florence because there are too many photos to post all at once, and I’m still amassing a whole truckload of others while I’m here. I had been to Florence twice before coming for school this year, but both visits had been short and tourist-spot-centric. It’s really only now that I get to walk and explore the city everyday that I’m able to focus on the details, even the most random, seemingly-minute ones.


I saw this interesting display inside Polimoda, whose campus is so nice btw.


And there really should be a miniseries featuring the tiniest cars of Italy. Because.




At a creek near my old apartment, there were always ducks hanging out.


Sheep door stoppers/toys at a crafts fair (and an owl one on the lower shelf)


Condo-sized garden? I suppose they’re being extremely optimistic.


Fallen tree branches from the hail storm aftermath


You don’t notice these from afar, but I love spotting these cartoony, quirky iron architectural details which–if you can believe it–are from the medieval age and were used to tie up carts, park horses and whatnot.


A planter and its cool shadow


And I must say, one of the strangest things I’ve spotted while walking around–this robot/transformer thing looking out a window.



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