Peoplewatching: Copenhagen, Denmark

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Copenhagen, Denmark. May 2013.


Baby and banana.




Architecture in: Seville, Spain

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Seville, Spain / Dorne, Westeros. April 2014.

I’m not the biggest fan of Spain (just read my various rants on Spanish architecture), but I can understand why, compared to other cities in Spain that I’ve visited, Seville could be a set piece for Dorne. I guess it could be because it has a higher concentration of moorish landmarks, buildings, etc. I guess we’ll see when season 5 airs and Dorne is introduced.


Plaza de España



IMG_8639 IMG_8640

Museums: Uffizi Gallery – Florence, Italy

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Uffizi Gallery. Florence, Italy. October, 2014.

I would love to spend a whole day at the Uffizi Gallery (and I’m hoping I get some time to do just that before I leave Florence), but for a school field trip we did get a concise sort of introductory tour of the place.


Things are looking impressive already, and this is just the foyer next to the stairs. #fancy #MediciLiving


Architecture in: Modena, Italy

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Modena, Italy. August 2014.

I didn’t know what to expect when I visited Modena, but I’ve found that small-town Italy rarely disappoints. It’s surprising because not all countries have charm enough for big and small cities alike. Luckily, the small towns I’ve been able to visit in Italy thus far have all delivered one way or the other, and that makes for a happy traveler in me (not to mention a snaphappy one at that).


Walking around–through the main square and the train station and through the streets–one thing I noticed is the cohesive color palette that runs all throughout the city. I wonder if that was a tourism/ mayoral effort? If so, artists  thank you. I mean, just look at these streets.



Food: Siena, Italy

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Siena, Italy. September 2014.

On a free day before school started, I decided to go back to Siena to give myself some more time to wander around than I had the last time I was here, back in 2010. I had done some Googling on the bus en route to Siena, looking for affordable places to try. One of the names that seemed to pop up in a lot of the search results was La Prosciutteria, which is a few minutes’ walk away from the Piazza del Campo (the shell-shaped horse-racing piazza).


It’s a tiny place on a corner, with stairs leading down to what I presume is a larger dining area. I didn’t see that many people around, but the servers behind the counter seemed to be working on a large, complicated order and so I waited for a few minutes while they finished up so they could take my order.

Disappointingly, that never happened. I can understand a certain amount of wait time especially if the place is packed and the food is really good. But I had been standing in front of the order counter for like twenty minutes with nary an attempt to apologize for making me wait, not even an offer of a drink or to take my order. After that, I was feeling pissed off and didn’t feel like it was worth waiting for any longer, so I left.


Luckily, I found another place via Google, with altogether a much more charming and picturesque façade: Gino Cacino.

In Depth Review: Accademia Riaci Firenze – Bag Making Course

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I’ve moved all my bag and leather related posts over to , just to keep my posts organized into travel and leather/bag making projects.

I’ve also just finished writing a super in-depth review of my school here in Florence, because I felt like I needed to say a few lot of things about it, and other prospective students, like myself a year ago, are finding it hard to locate any useful information about the school online. I couldn’t find any reviews, or any sort of info that was beyond just the basic things posted on their website.

My review is brutally honest, but I hope it helps.