Food: Siena, Italy

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Siena, Italy. September 2014.

On a free day before school started, I decided to go back to Siena to give myself some more time to wander around than I had the last time I was here, back in 2010. I had done some Googling on the bus en route to Siena, looking for affordable places to try. One of the names that seemed to pop up in a lot of the search results was La Prosciutteria, which is a few minutes’ walk away from the Piazza del Campo (the shell-shaped horse-racing piazza).


It’s a tiny place on a corner, with stairs leading down to what I presume is a larger dining area. I didn’t see that many people around, but the servers behind the counter seemed to be working on a large, complicated order and so I waited for a few minutes while they finished up so they could take my order.

Disappointingly, that never happened. I can understand a certain amount of wait time especially if the place is packed and the food is really good. But I had been standing in front of the order counter for like twenty minutes with nary an attempt to apologize for making me wait, not even an offer of a drink or to take my order. After that, I was feeling pissed off and didn’t feel like it was worth waiting for any longer, so I left.


Luckily, I found another place via Google, with altogether a much more charming and picturesque façade: Gino Cacino.


The flowers sold it for me :))


I just had to order the one with “elixir” in the description, although a lot of the combinations sounded good. Price-wise, it was not too bad, and there weren’t too many people (maybe because I was eating lunch during mid-afternoon), so I was able to get a table for myself.


Inside, it’s a deli. Nothing too fancy. They also have a little section selling Barilla and other foodstuffs.



The sandwich is not bad, although personally I’m not the hugest fan of hard breads–maybe because I have weak teeth haha. I think I cracked a tooth on that bread! I would have liked it better on foccacia or something.


And it was hot, hot summer, so Grom gelato was a nice reprieve!


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