Food: Trattoria ZàZà – Florence, Italy

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Trattoria ZàZà is one of those places that’s good enough to visit a few times, but is not necessarily the best Italian food around. What it has going for it is its ease of access (location is easy enough to find), seat availability (because unlike a lot of other establishments, they’ve expanded and therefore have tons of room), generally friendly prices, and generally good food.


I’ve been able to try a few things in the 3-4 times I’ve eaten here, so this is just a little collection of what I’ve been able to try so far. It’s in no way a comprehensive review, but maybe it’s a good little preview into what’s in store.


Their bistecca fiorentina, while not the best, was not bad. Trattoria Mario next door to ZàZà has cheaper and better steak, but has a longer line, fewer seats, and is only open for lunch. So if you don’t catch a table there, this isn’t too bad of an alternative. Price is about 45-50 euro per kilo.


Papardelle with wild boar ragu. Very rustic, although can be dry and a bit bland, especially if this is the only thing you’re eating. I myself would prefer it to be a little saltier, but that’s just me.


Napoli pizza (my favourite flavor– cheese, anchovies, and capers). Acceptable but not the best pizza in Florence, much less in Italy. There’s better pizza over at Gusta Pizza or Il Pizzaiuolo.


This hat-looking bread thing is another type of pizza they have, which is interesting. It’s kind of like a healthy salad stuffed into a pizza.


Inside, mozzarella, ham, lettuce, and cherry tomatoes.


Truffle fries. A bit oily, as truffle fries tend to be if they’ve used truffle oil on them, but not bad. Nothing special, either, though.


Ravioli in walnut sauce. Presentation is a bit anemic (pale, even with the Instagram filter). Taste is OK although I couldn’t eat a lot of it. Maybe it’s just my opinion on cream-based sauces but they tend to get sickening if you eat too much of it.


Chicken and taters, not bad but nothing noteworthy.


Ossobuco with fagioli (beans). Also so-so. The meat is smothered in some sort of sauce that has mushrooms I think, and is saltier than the meat itself.


This dish (funnily enough, just a side dish) might be the crowning jewel of their menu. One of the better fried artichokes (carciofi fritti) I’ve had here. Great for kids who don’t like vegetables, because these taste like creamy, cheesy nuggets, and not like veggies at all. The only thing on their menu (so far) that I would keep ordering over and over again. One plate of carciofi fritti is about seven euro.


The interiors are sort of mix-and-match colorful shabby chic, with a lot of seemingly repurposed or refurbished items.


The ambience is generally inviting and good for talking, not really the quietest place but also good for families with kids.


Trattoria ZàZà is located at Piazza del Mercato Centrale 26/R, Florence, Italy


One thought on “Food: Trattoria ZàZà – Florence, Italy

  1. Thanks. I love Florence – as you say the food quality varies greatly but with a little searching you can find winners. Thanks for following the immortal jukeboxn- I hope you find much to enjoy (and comment on) there. Regards Thom.


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