Food: Angelina – Paris, France

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Angelina, Paris, France. January 2015.

I had only ever tried the pop-up Angelina shop inside Versailles (by the Petit Trianon), and we were limited to pastries and hot chocolate then. So when we found ourselves shopping near the area of the Angelina in Paris, we made sure to squeeze in a lunch before continuing on our shopping/sightseeing.


Inside, the space was nice and very French, albeit with a tourist too many.

It’s the sort of space that houses restaurants well because of their high ceilings, mirrored walls, and preserved architecture (it looks like it used to be a hotel lobby or something like that).


Onion soup (do you call it French onion soup if you are already in France?) Good but not great.


This was probably the most delicious dish of our meal–caviar linguine. Cream-based sauce, herby/ slightly bitter greens, and salty salty caviar.


This dish was a huge disappointment, given the menu description (we’ve all been fooled at least a few times by menu descriptions!)–veal medallion, cabbage and some other bland vegetables, and something that’s supposed to be olive sauce but was more like a grainy olive puree that didn’t really work with anything else.


Hot chocolate to finish. As thick and gooey and delicious as it is, I think I would much rather have a doppio-sized serving of it than have it be in this huge teacup. This much hot chocolate was just too sweet and almost made me sick (maybe it’s not ideal to pair with a meal?)


Cute shop interiors (a good buy is the bottled version of the hot chocolate, which you can portion out yourself and heat via microwave)



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