Signs: Munich, Germany

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Munich, Germany. May 2012.




Street Art Snaps: Frankfurt, Germany

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Frankfurt, Germany. May 2012.

Didn’t have a lot of time in Frankfurt, but we did go around this little beer-bar compound on a Sunday when nearly everything was closed. It was a strange mix of street art findings, but maybe that’s a capsule Frankfurt for you.



Signs: Frankfurt, Germany

europe, frankfurt, germany, signs, travel


Frankfurt, Germany. April 2012.

I love collecting photos of signs–the weirder, cleverer or more random they are, the better. Signs kind of give you a sense of a city’s (or country’s) design aesthetic, and sometimes–similar to street art–they also give you a sense of that place’s culture/pop culture. Or sometimes they just reflect the (extremely) wide variety in people’s tastes.

The first city I want to feature is Frankfurt, Germany. I spent a few days here back in 2012, and although it’s often seen as more of a “hub” (it has one of the largest airports in this area of Europe, which is quite centrally located in the region), I’ve found some strange things that may change your mind about Frankfurt. It’s not entirely as business-y as you might expect.