Signs: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands. June 2013.




Signs: Edam, The Netherlands

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Edam, The Netherlands. May 2012.

We stopped for a couple of hours in Edam, in between visits to Volendam and Marken, which are all accessible via the broek-in-waterland buses that service Noord-Holland. It was cold, raining on and off, and gloomy, which is why I didn’t get to snap a lot of photos. But I did notice these two signs which were particularly and awesomely retro.


Found Objects: Marken, The Netherlands

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Marken, The Netherlands. May 2012.

Yes, the first picture is of a tiny pair of jeans sitting on a tiny chair. Marken is one of my favourite places in Europe–a hidden gem in Holland as well as home to the world’s fluffiest sheep (not a scientific fact, but believe me they are exceedingly fluffy.) It is located in the “waterlands” area of Noord-Holland, and is one of many adorable, idyllic and oh-so-quaint harbour towns along the coast. If these ‘found objects’ reflect even half of this town’s quirks, then you can imagine just how charming Marken is.



Spot the plastic cow

Street Art Snaps: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

amsterdam, europe, holland, netherlands, street art, travel

Don’t be another brick in the wall.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. June 2013.

Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities. I didn’t think it would be. When I first visited back in 2002 (I was thirteen), I was with my family and my cousins’ family, and we kids didn’t really have any idea what was going on, where we were going or had any say in the itinerary. All I remember from that trip was walking through red light district at night, taking a canal cruise and some foggy memories of what the city looked like.


At thirteen, I didn’t really care as much about travel, or appreciated the fact that I was in Europe, and was lucky enough to go to all those amazing places. To a tween, it was a lame summer spent away from my friends and missing out on all the inside jokes and whatnot.


I really wish I could remember more of that trip–I’ve realised that my travel memories are stronger (less ‘pixelated’, somehow) after I turned fourteen or so. If I had known that I would miss those memories so much, I would definitely have kicked my brain into hyper mode to try to absorb everything. But alas, my mental scrapbook of travel pre-13/14-years-old are not as comprehensive as I would like. That condition (or is it a superpower) where a person is able to access 100% of their brain? Yeah, that would help.