Street Art Snaps: Florence, Italy – Part One

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Florence, Italy. August 2014.

First part of a whole truckload of photos of street art that I have unintendedly amassed over the last few months. One thing I love about Florence is how they don’t try to cover up the street art; instead they allow–even encourage–it to become part of the personality of the city.

One of the most ubiquitous sets of art I’ve seen around the city is by the artist I  only recently found out is called Enter/Exit. Simple but evocative–and I have a whole lot more photos of these in succeeding months. Is there such a thing as hoarding street art via photos?





Street Art Snaps: Prato, Italy

europe, florence, italy, prato, street art


Prato, Firenze, Italy. September 2014.

Prato, a sub-commune of the province of Firenze, is a quiet, quaint neighbor with a lot of charm (and apparently the largest and oldest Italian ‘chinatown’ is here? I haven’t seen it, so.)



I like that they made the street sign blend in with the street art

Street Art Snaps: Fiesole, Italy

europe, fiesole, florence, italy, street art


Fiesole, Florence, Italy. September 2014.

Up in the quieter hilltop neighbor of the historic center, Fiesole presents an interesting array of street art–like these pretty paintings which might suggest that they have a very artistic city worker servicing the Fiesole area, or that street artists in Fiesole happen to be very neat and composed.