Monumental: Gröna Lund – Stockholm, Sweden

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Gröna Lund, Stockholm, Sweden. June 2013.

Sweden’s oldest amusement park, located right in the middle of Stockholm on the island of Djurgården, has some seriously vintage cinematic vibes. It is by no means the largest amusement park, or the most adrenaline-packed, but there was definitely a great energy there that was inimitable and intriguing–something about the history of the place, the way they’ve maintained that old-school feel and aesthetic, not to mention all those coasters weaving seemingly in and around each other. Even if you skip the coasters and just spend an afternoon walking around, getting cotton candy and hotdogs, or doing some people-watching, it’s an overall great place to hang out that gives you great views across Lake Mälaren to Stockholm old town.




Found Objects: Karlstad, Sweden

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Karlstad, Sweden. June 2013.

And that’s not the only thing they strap onto the backs of their bicycles.

(I’ve also seen a pineapple.)

Museums: Fotografiska Museet – Stockholm, Sweden

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Fotografiska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden. June 2013.

Was able to catch the special Helmut Newton exhibit at the Fotografiska museum in Stockholm last year–a feat since we almost never luck into any sort of good timing on these trips! I wasn’t too familiar with him and his work beforehand, but after going through the exhibit, I realized I knew the work before I knew the photographer.




Karl Lagerfeld


Salvador Dalí


Andy Warhol

Food: 19 Glas Bar & Matsal, Stockholm, Sweden

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Stockholm, Sweden. June 2013.

Looked for this place on the recommendation of the people at the next table when we were eating at Noma. Nothing too fancy, but nice rustic homegrown stuff–including all of their own wines.



Street Art Snaps: Karlstad, Sweden

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Karlstad, Sweden. June 2013.

Walking down Karlstad’s main shopping street near closing time, I spotted this electrical box painted with a pink bow. It’s not political or angry or philosophical or anything (I suppose it could be, if you want to get all deep and analytical), but to me, street art doesn’t always need to be complicated or politically correct. Sometimes it can just be something incredibly nice and not have to get more dense or complex than that. It can be something you spot randomly that makes you smile, or is awesome in its very idea or wit or seeming self-awareness. I know my city could use a little bit of this brand of cheer. God knows we have enough concrete and crap as it is. Some good vibes couldn’t hurt.