Food: Tai Chiong – Hong Kong, China

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Tai Chiong, Hong Kong, China. October 2015.

A nice snack break in the city for some good egg tarts.



Food: All’Osteria Bottega – Bologna, Italy

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All’Osteria Bottega, Bologna, Italy. April 2015.

A quaint place just outside the crowded areas of Bologna, with homey food that’s traditional Bolognese


36-month aged parma ham with pear ❤


Tortellini in brodo (ultimate comfort food)


The Bolognese don’t call it Bolognese, just tagliatelle con ragù


Rustic style baby pigeon, cooked to perfection



A strange but traditional Bolognese pudding dessert


And another nutty cake thing. Dessert was not the strength of the meal :))



All’Osteria Bottega is at Via Santa Caterina, 51, 40123 Bologna, Italy

+39 051 585111

Food: Trattoria ZàZà – Florence, Italy

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Trattoria ZàZà is one of those places that’s good enough to visit a few times, but is not necessarily the best Italian food around. What it has going for it is its ease of access (location is easy enough to find), seat availability (because unlike a lot of other establishments, they’ve expanded and therefore have tons of room), generally friendly prices, and generally good food.


I’ve been able to try a few things in the 3-4 times I’ve eaten here, so this is just a little collection of what I’ve been able to try so far. It’s in no way a comprehensive review, but maybe it’s a good little preview into what’s in store.


Food: Siena, Italy

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Siena, Italy. September 2014.

On a free day before school started, I decided to go back to Siena to give myself some more time to wander around than I had the last time I was here, back in 2010. I had done some Googling on the bus en route to Siena, looking for affordable places to try. One of the names that seemed to pop up in a lot of the search results was La Prosciutteria, which is a few minutes’ walk away from the Piazza del Campo (the shell-shaped horse-racing piazza).


It’s a tiny place on a corner, with stairs leading down to what I presume is a larger dining area. I didn’t see that many people around, but the servers behind the counter seemed to be working on a large, complicated order and so I waited for a few minutes while they finished up so they could take my order.

Disappointingly, that never happened. I can understand a certain amount of wait time especially if the place is packed and the food is really good. But I had been standing in front of the order counter for like twenty minutes with nary an attempt to apologize for making me wait, not even an offer of a drink or to take my order. After that, I was feeling pissed off and didn’t feel like it was worth waiting for any longer, so I left.


Luckily, I found another place via Google, with altogether a much more charming and picturesque façade: Gino Cacino.

Food: Obicà Mozzarella Bar, Italy

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Obikà Mozzarella Bar (which has since rebranded to Obicà).

Florence & Milan, Italy. August 2014 & January 2015.


In a cute courtyard space along a nice little shopping street is Obikà Firenze. We tried their mozzarella mini tasting menu (it’s huge, so we could barely finish it along with all our other food), some pastas and a pizza. Not out of this world or anything, but decent, good food, and a great place to talk and hang out.

In Milan, Obikà is located at the top floor terrace of La Rinascente shopping center, with a great up-close view of the gothic duomo. Prices are slightly higher than in Firenze, but the atmosphere is great for hanging out and chatting too.


Food: 19 Glas Bar & Matsal, Stockholm, Sweden

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Stockholm, Sweden. June 2013.

Looked for this place on the recommendation of the people at the next table when we were eating at Noma. Nothing too fancy, but nice rustic homegrown stuff–including all of their own wines.