Estates: Palacio Real – Madrid, Spain

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Palacio Real, Madrid, Spain. April 2014.

Outside, a bit austere, and almost fortress-like. Inside, very baroque and Versailles-inspired (like a lot of palaces in Europe).



But still (and this is just my personal beef with Spain) not very Spanish.


Inside, photos weren’t allowed in most parts (which is always a shame for people who like taking photos -.-), but they really don’t come close to Versailles, so I don’t worry too much about it hahaha


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Food: Chocolatería San Ginés – Madrid, Spain

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Chocolatería San Ginés, Madrid, Spain. April 2014.

We set out to try the well-reviewed chocolate con churros of San Ginés, located in a side street somewhere in Madrid. When something gets good reviews online, it always hikes up the expectations a bit, try as we might to be unadulterated by them. I’ve found that often, online reviews can be unreliable and lacking in comprehensiveness. How can you know that what is purported online matches your standard or criteria? So, although my sister and I use online reviews as a sort of jumping-off point for trying out different food places, I’ve also experienced being let down a lot, and unfortunately, the chocolate con churros of San Ginés falls short of whatever praise people were bestowing it online.



Museums: Thyssen-Bornemisza – Madrid, Spain

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Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid, Spain. April 2014.


Cabeza de Hombre, Head of a Man, Pablo Picasso


Hombre con Clarinete, Man with a Clarinette, Pablo Picasso